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Balajee Creations is India's Largest manufacturer of Silicone Products, Incorporated in the year 1990. Silicone products with its 3 manufacturing units at strategic locations in the states of Delhi and NCR is able to meet the customer's demands as per schedule with competitive prices.

Buy Premium Quality Rubber Keychains from Professional Manufacturers.

Rubber keychains are a brilliant and useful item for those planning to help their business through promotion. Expert keychain manufacturers make it with soft water-repellent rubber as these keychains are difficult to damage yet at the same time look and feel decent. However, for businesses the keychain manufacturers work on different types of designs and especially in the logos if any.

Being one of the topmost Indian keychain manufacturers and to make the best quality keychains available in the area is a matter of competition. But, since a lot of businesses nowadays prefer to place order online, most of the efficient bulk keychain makers in India sell products online. This way everywhere in India- Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata the keychain manufacturers can provide the same quality keychains not only from their business location but also from throughout the country.

How rubber keychain manufacturers work?
1. Setting up & Moulding

Rubbers keychain moulds are generally made by the keychain manufacturers by carving copper or aluminium with the help of machine or by hand. After carving is finished, the bulk keychain makers indulge in further processing of moulds by rough blasting and electroplating so that the keychain manufacturers can be sure about the smoothness and purity. It helps in preventing any wrinkle, impurity, undesired bubbles while in between the keychain manufacturing process.

2. Rubber Glue Pigmentation

The raw material, i.e. soft PVC happens to be half-transparent, and hence, in this step, keychain manufacturers mix pigments to match the requested colors by customers. The rubber glue won’t be ready to use only by mixing the PVC with pigment. For that the bulk keychain makers place it in the vacuum chamber and purify it so that no unwanted bubbles or impurities will exist.

3. Rubber injection

This is performed by experienced keychain manufacturers for logos and other complicated requests, and are usually done by hand. Proficient keychain manufacturers are less likely to mess up at rubber injection.

4. Rubber Baking

While rubber glue is not enough and its just a liquid before getting baked, it is important to harden the rubber. So the keychain manufacturers take the semi-finished product and heat it by placing it in the oven. Though it is done for only 1 minute, it is repeated several times by the bulk keychain makers.

5. Assembly and Packaging

When the bulk keychain makers take large orders it gets pretty difficult to assemble and package them all quickly. And here is where the expertise of keychain manufacturers works most. After every manufacturing part is done, the keychains are attached with metal rings (or chains). The keychain manufacturers test and examine the product quality, then ultimately pack each rubber keychain.

Keychain Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters

If you want a great service and good quality keychains made by professional keychain manufacturer in India then you might visit at and see their products. In Balaji Creations they have the expert bulk keychain makers those who are capable of handling bulk orders whenever demanded. They always maintain a certain standard and also customize the keychains by putting design of your choice. The quality of their manufacturing is pretty popular as many customers have successfully appreciated them and got satisfied with their offering of keychains.

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